Enhanced Transactional Training for Business

We support you in getting everything into balance.
That means your business and your private life will flourish.
Enhanced Transactional Training is neither therapy nor coaching.

All three pillars of modern life need to be healthy and thriving.

Physical & Mental Health, Relationships & Communication, Financial Earnings and Growth.

Enhanced Transactional Training for Business (ETTB) is similar to, and at the same time vastly different from executive coaching.

The analysis behind ETTB is complex and comprehensive, but fortunately, we do all that work. From your perspective, you will feel supported completely in your endeavours to bring your work and private life into balance and grow beyond what you thought possible.

Most executive coaching involves tools and techniques to help you to improve in many areas of business and private life. The problem we see in standard coaching is that when these tools don’t work as expected, the coach usually persists or changes tools without figuring out what unconscious processes are operating within you.

We give you the tools and techniques; and when they don’t work as expected, we go back to discover what the real issue is. Coaches are not adequately trained to do this deeper analytic work. They are in-fact directed to not do the deeper work.

We have developed a process to address both the day-to-day functional and deeper issues.

ETTB is a collaborative process that creates massive positive change.

Some of the areas you may want to improve are:

Work/Life Balance.
Team Structuring.
Leadership styles.
Change management.
Recruitment profiling.
Matching practical usable personality profiles in teams.

We are not your typical cookie-cutter approach. We work with you extensively using 9 points of analysis to uniquely support you at whatever level you require. We also collaborate with the best legal and financial experts who are familiar with our approach, to provide you with a complete and comprehensive service if required.

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