Psychotherapy, Kinesiology and Counselling

We are dedicated to helping you thrive in your personal life and your business life.
We treat a range of personal issues and nurture excellence.

Psychotherapy, Coaching & Counselling

Psychotherapy, Coaching & Counselling

Psychotherapy, Kinesiology and Counselling

We are dedicated to helping you thrive in your personal life and your business life.
We treat a range of personal issues and nurture excellence.

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Anxiety – Depression – Eating Disorders – Executive Coaching

A new way to look at, understand and get rid of problems.

We turn complex problems into simple solutions.


Success in three main areas of modern life determines how successful, happy and content we feel.Those three main areas are

Physical & Mental Health


(Personal and Professional)

Financial Earnings

When you experience difficulties in one or more of these areas, the suffering can infiltrate all aspects of life.
Have you ever wondered why when you try to change yourself or a situation, it always ends up back the same as it was? We understand why that happens.
Every communication and behavior with others and within ourselves is a transaction. It is with these transactions that you either fail or flourish.
We have a deep understanding of how transactions work (or don’t work).
We have developed a process to guarantee you flourish.
Enhanced Transactional Training

Enhanced Transactional Training helps you to succeed and to be happy in the three main areas of modern life; Physical and Mental Health, Relationships, and Financial Earnings.
Enhanced Transactional Training simplifies the very complex unconscious processes operating within you; and provides a simple and structured solution in moving forward.

Samford Village Healthy Minds is home to one of the only two Enhanced Transactional Training Centres in the world.
– At Samford Village Healthy Minds, we draw on decades of personal learning and complex understanding.
– We uniquely bring together a wide range of approaches to help you.
– We make the hidden-and-complex visible-and-simple.
– We distill all that complex information down to something you can successfully tackle and make fundamental, positive changes in
your personal and professional life.

That means you can have a blue-print for success in all areas of your life.

Maintaining positive change is difficult. It is especially frustrating when you successfully make headway in your attempts to change for a short
while, only to then fall back into the same unwanted ways. That invisible force is unconscious, complex and hidden.
Believe it or not it actually has a positive intention; albeit, unwanted.

Know which problematic
unconscious processes are
happening within you.
Learn to monitor and
modify their occurrences.
Develop new and beneficial
strategies and behaviors
(both conscious and unconscious).

This Enhanced Transactional Training method is the result of the coming together of Tony Conley and Peter McMahon. They have known each other for many years and through their discussions, they have recognized there are blind spots in the way mental health and professional coaching is done today. They have developed this new way of looking at, understanding, and then resolving problems. Their rooms at Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill have been the incubating source for what is now known as Enhanced Transactional Training.
We do all the complex work in the background so you will be free from any hidden obstacle. Samford Village Healthy Minds provides a space where Samford-ites (and others) receive high quality and knowledgable support. We will help you to functional an optimal level both personally and professionally.

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