Peter McMahon

Peter has been helping people professionally since 2002.
Most of those years have been divided between Montserrat Day Hospital
at Spring Hill and his rooms on Wickham Terrace.
He now has rooms at Samford.

He has been helping people to overcome inner obstacles such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and providing executive coaching to function at exceptional levels for many years. His approach to helping people in his psychotherapy and coaching practice is very comprehensive and supportive.


We all need support at different times in our lives and for different reasons. Peter integrates a number of well-founded approaches in helping you. During the last 6 years, with Tony Conley, he has been developing  Enhanced Transactional Training; a unique approach to helping people both personally and professionally.


Having lived in the Samford area since 1972, Peter has a deep connection with Samford and it’s surrounds. He has a unique perspective on the blending of working and living well. Samford is an area where people value personal lifestyle and professional performance equally. It is a unique blend of living right and working right.


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