Online Therapy for Depression

Online psychotherapy for depression Samford Queensland

The new age of the internet has taken therapy treatment for depression to a completely other level, specifically that application of Skype. Known more recently as “Skypotherapy”, the method of patients receiving depression therapy via Skype has gained popular momentum, and offers some pretty positive benefits. Online therapy offers considerable advantages that traditional, in-office therapy does not, such as complete anonymity, affordability, and maybe most importantly, convenience. There is no driving anywhere or having to shuffle around a schedule in order to take the time out to travel to a therapy office. While this hassle may be small to those in city regions, for patients in more remote areas, this can be the difference between actually getting the needed therapy for depression or not.

Take for example, the mining profession. This industry is known for one of the highest rates in depression—which sadly the majority of the time ends in suicide before treatment is even sought out—due to work camps that require intense labor and excruciatingly long hours. With online therapy, these miners and other people suffering from depression in likewise rural areas such as this, the limitless availability for treatment could save lives. Skype therapy makes treatment accessible for even the most remote of areas.

But even though convenience is a benefit, does online treatment for depression actually work? As more and more studies are conducted around the country, online treatment is proving to be just as—if not perhaps better—than traditional, in-office therapy. Skype therapy for depression can be done from anywhere the patient chooses and where he or she is most comfortable. Having the extra barrier of the computer screen in front of a patient ironically has the ability to knock down any possible barriers that might be up in an actual therapist office.